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 Hey! Want to learn how snowboard? Get started today!

 Don’t know how to snowboard?

Fear no more Zebshrez has the solution!

Zebshredz is committed to assisting individuals who have an interest in embarking on the journey of snowboarding but lack the knowledge to get started. Regardless of age, our program aims to provide you with the necessary information to kickstart your newfound enthusiasm for this enchanting winter sport. We firmly believe that our program will empower anyone to feel prepared to embark on their snowboarding adventure. Are you feeling excited? Take the first step by getting started below.

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About ElI Harden

Originally hailing from Southern Ontario, Canada, Eli relocated to Smithers, a picturesque small town in northern British Columbia, Canada. While Eli's snowboarding journey began in eastern Canada, his passions drew him closer to the majestic Rocky Mountains. Living in proximity to the mountains provided Eli with ample opportunities to enhance his snowboarding skills. Eli, certified as a CASI snowboard instructor, has taught at various resorts, accumulating over six years and nearly 2,000 hours of teaching experience. Throughout his career, Eli has successfully guided individuals of diverse ages, ranging from 3 to 65, in achieving their snowboarding goals.

During a particular season, Eli undertook the task of instructing a 3-year-old student in an 8-week snowboarding program at a local resort. Initially, this endeavor appeared daunting due to the student's young age and lack of prior snowboarding experience. However, leveraging his expertise acquired through the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) and his vibrant personality, Eli effectively imparted the fundamental principles of snowboarding to the young student. By the end of the 8-week program, the student was confidently riding down intermediate-level slopes independently.

Eli has consistently demonstrated that age, existing skills, or prior abilities do not hinder one's ability to embark on a snowboarding journey. Through his passion and aptitude for teaching, he has repeatedly exemplified that anyone can commence the thrilling adventure of snowboarding with the right guidance and genuine interest.

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Where to start webinar 


Below, you will discover the initial actions required to kickstart your unique snowboarding adventure. For novice riders, the various categories and styles of snowboarding can often be perplexing. Fortunately, this webinar provides an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and clarity regarding the type of snowboarder you aspire to become. Say goodbye to confusion and uncertainty!

In this webinar, you will learn:

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